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It's Been a Couple Years since I've done anything on this profile, but I do still browse from time to time and put in my two cents about an interesting picture, I even have conversations with old and new friends. I don't expect to be doing anything new either but I will throw in a couple of things about myself, or even post a picture or two. as you could probably guess from my profile that I loved Devil May Cry, and I still do apreciate the game (not the most reacent installment though). Over the Years Past, new things have kept me preoccupied. I've become a more active Gun Enthusiest, going up from Airsoft to the Real Deal. I've broadened my musical horizens from listening to freaking Devil may cry theme music exclusivle (I would have slapped myself back then), to listeneng to everything from AC/DC to Guns n' Roses, up to Led Zeppelin and Metallica.
But other than that, I've been bumming around 4chan for reasons unbeknownst to even myself. and I grew interested with teenagers and even adults and thier infatuation with the show "My Little Pony". My Brony friend pushed my curiosity over the edge and I watched the first episode. after the first one left off with a cliff-hanger, I found myelf wanting to watch the second episode to see what happened to Twilight Sparkle and Her Friends. it was at this point that I knew I was Hooked. I am a Brony...
And so I have been a Brony for the past 6 months and exploring the culture and the fandom in general has been, Interesting to say the least. The fandom is full of kind, funny and artistic people, and I can't say that being hooked on a show supposedly intended for little girls is all that bad. So with that being said, I hope that some of my non-brony friends reading this can consider trying out life as a Brony. The show is alot more than a little girl's show, and if you do get hooked, do not fret, you are in good company.
So if you ever question why you are a brony, consider this. I am a self-proclaimed badass that has been in afew fight (of which, I have won), and I am an uber gun enthusiest, and admittedly a bit of a dork. but still, I love Ponies.
   -Peace Out, and Hoof Bump /)


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Matthew R. Staszak
United States
I'm a seasoned Gun Enthusiast with a lot of research and knowledge of Firearms under my belt. I'm not a bad shot either...
I'm also a Brony! Not obsessive, but I appreciate message and enjoy the show none the less.

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